Ready to grow your real estate business to six+ figures in less than 12 months?

It’s absolutely possible.

Stand out from the competition.
Sign your dream clients.
Start earning your worth.

Ready to grow your real estate business to six+ figures in less than 12 months?

It’s absolutely possible.

Stand out from the competition. Sign your dream clients.
Start earning your worth.

I’ve been exactly where you are right now

For a lot of agents, having a real estate business that can consistently bring in a 6-figure income (or more!) feels impossible.

There’s so much that you didn’t know when you got into the business, like learning to compete with more experienced agents, standing out in a sea of competition and how to get consistent leads, clients and referrals.

So, of course, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, not sure where to focus your time, energy and money to get the best results in your business.

And if you’re like me when I started, you’re beginning to wonder if maybe you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

After all, the majority of agents fail in their first few years. I wondered, “Can I actually create a booming business and make amazing money doing what I love?”

I’ve been in real estate for 15 years, and I can tell you that, YES, your feelings are entirely normal. You’re smart. You’re passionate.

You’re embarking on the challenging task of building a solid business that attracts your ideal clients and pays you enough to live the life you deserve.

And you’re doing it all without guidance, structure, or a supportive coach on your side to make your dream a reality.

Of course, it feels impossible.
But this is where I can help.

Your DREAM business is missing just one thing

When I began as an agent, I was also starting over in my life. I had relocated from Vancouver to Toronto, had barely any network, and didn’t know where to get leads.

When I was lucky enough to get clients on the phone, I didn’t know how to talk about my services or convey my level of expertise, so they didn’t hire me.

I didn’t have a system for my business, so I couldn’t prioritize my time and energy to make real progress. Every task took hours longer than expected and drained my energy along the way.

It only took a few months before I felt exhausted, unproductive, financially stretched, and incredibly frustrated by my lack of success.

I knew I was smart, driven, and completely committed to making it work. But I just couldn’t see how that was going to happen.

But everything changed when I found a mentor.

Finally, I had a champion in my corner! I had support backed by real-world experience. My mentor helped create serious momentum for my business.

I got focused and could niche down on my services and client base, and also learned to prioritize my tasks and build systems that saved me time and increased my earnings.

I started making money quickly and grew my business to 6-figures within a year.

Over the last decade of building a wildly successful real estate business and team, here’s what I know to be true: with the right tools and support, creating a profitable, sustainable business is within everyone’s reach.

So, why wait?

Agent Accelerator™

A step-by-step program for ambitious real estate agents who want to build a 6-figure+ business in the next year

This value-packed, 3-month program is unlike any other real estate training out there – and it’s the program I wish had been around when I was starting out.

In Agent Accelerator™, I teach you the exact method (The AGENTS Method) I used to go from frustrated, tired, and on the verge of quitting to operating a thriving 6-figure business as an agent that paid me my worth and gave me the life I always wanted.

Using my signature method, you’ll be able to turn your time, energy, and passion into a successful business that doesn’t steal your sanity or tie up your personal life.

You deserve to see your ambition grow into a successful business – and I can show you how!

The AGENTS Method

A: ALIGN Your Success

Set yourself up for long-term success by building a rock-solid foundation. Define and implement the personal vision you’ll need to level up your business while discovering the core mindset shifts and strategic habits to start executing like a 6-figure real estate badass!

Stand out from the competition by defining your “X-Factor” and learning to leverage it. Discover and promote your real estate niche to ensure you’re heading into meetings with confidence, establishing your expertise, and generating solid income by attracting dream clients who sign up without hesitation.

G: GET Your Ideal Client
E: ENERGIZE Your Sales

Convert leads into high-value clients by learning to master the sales call. Know exactly what to say and when, and gain tactics to sail through objections effortlessly. Invigorate your sales while building your sense of worth and confidence.

Create a high-level experience that your clients can’t stop talking about and you’ll keep your phone ringing! Learn how to build a high-end realty experience that sets up lifelong relationships with your dream clients, so they’ll return with repeat business and referrals.

N: NURTURE Your Business
T: TOOLS For Freedom

Get more free time and reduce stress by creating the systems and processes required to scale your income without burnout. Earn more and enjoy a life you love living by learning to implement the best productivity tools out there.

Level up your social media presence by developing your fool-proof success plan for one of the most used platforms for real estate, Instagram. Learn how to write copy that converts, create inspiring posts, plan your content, develop a winning hashtag strategy and turn followers into clients.


Get a major boost to your real estate business with 3 VIP one-on-one coaching sessions with yours truly. This is your chance to get customized individual support and coaching from me at a fraction of the regular price. Ask me all your questions and let’s work on an actionable plan to move your business forward – together!

Brand strategist Trista DeVries of Rad Lady Enterprises will share her signature methods on how to build a brand with impact. In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to attract your dream customers by standing out from the crowd, making customers the centre of your business, and making competition irrelevant.

BONUS: Branding Workshop

When a major market shift happens, so many agents are left behind, unable to survive in the new reality. In this masterclass led by me, you’ll learn powerful tools that will help your business not only survive but thrive in the challenges and stresses that often accompany a shift.

What do I get when I join Agent Accelerator™?

Lifetime Access
to the Curriculum

Gain lifetime access to Agent Accelerator™ training series and schedule learning on your own time. Each lesson delivers tactical tools and equips you with the right mindset shifts that can be applied to your growing business right away. Play, pause, and rewatch each lesson at your convenience with unlimited access.

Group Coaching Calls & Community Support

In addition to training videos and coursework, you’ll get support, accountability, and connection from a coach (me!) and a group of like-minded agents who want you to succeed. During our bi-weekly group coaching calls (and on our group Slack channel), you’ll have the chance to bring your questions while also learning from your peers. Breakthroughs are shared and celebrated in this incubator of ambitious real estate badasses!

Course Workbooks & Resource Materials

Work on your business in real-time. Through the course workbooks and easy-to-implement resource materials, you’ll take the lessons you’ve learned and apply them directly to your business. Each lesson will have you working on your business, not just in your business. Week after week, you will see your time and energy fast-track into tangible results.

Here's what my students say...

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Your dream business is just around the corner

And you're ready for it!

And I can’t wait to show you how!


Meet Your Coach & Mentor
Christine Cowern

Owner, Christine Cowern Real Estate Team

Hi! I’m Christine, and I would be honored to be your coach. 

I’m not only the owner of my very own 7-figure real estate business, but I’m also a wife, mother, and avid fan of hilarious dog reels on Instagram. So, I know how important it is for you to build a stable business that is financially viable without sacrificing all of your free time. 

When I first started my business in 2007, I loved the work and clients but was run down by the long hours and evening and weekend commitments. Like you, I realized that my business needed a change. I had to find a new way of operating that would allow me to reach my business and income goals but wouldn’t kill my personal life. 

That’s when I started using the methods, tools, and practices that now make up Agent Accelerator™. Like every inventor, I was my first case study, and the results have been incredible!

I’ve turned my early real estate struggles into an award-winning, focused, aligned, and committed business that employs eight high-performing team members while also delivering me passive income. 

In fact, it is because my business runs so smoothly that I can step back from the day-to-day and focus on my passion for coaching new agents like yourself.

Because of the practices I developed and now deliver through Agent Accelerator™, I live a life I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, filled with quality family time and even some hobbies!

I want this for you too – a life you genuinely love living and a business that gets you excited.

It is possible. I promise. 

My Real Estate Accomplishments:

Still have questions?

If you’re a realtor in your first few years of business, you’ve just made the move from a part-time to full-time agent or you’ve recently re-committed to your business success AND you want to build a consistent, profitable business that gives you financial freedom, then YES – this is exactly for you!

The next launch is in early 2023. Get excited! Just join the waitlist and get first dibs once the program opens for enrolment.

It will vary, but you should expect to spend 2-3 hours per week completing the course work and implementing the strategies. If you don’t have time to complete all of the Module work during the program run, don’t worry! You’ll get Lifetime Access to everything so can move through it at your own pace if you need to.

You can always join later. But here’s the thing, I only run the program a few times a year, and I know you want to start making more money now, am I right? Think about where you want to be in 6 months, or a year from now. There will never be a “right time” – and the time will pass anyway. Do you want to spend that time continuing the same way, or actively building your future?

A lot! I’ll be leading every bi-weekly live group coaching call and you’ll get one-on-one coaching with me as well.

I’m glad you asked. Just click the “Join the Waitlist” button and get ready to ramp up your real estate business!

If nothing changes, there is no change

Take the first step today, and 2022 will be your year to build the business of your dreams

Program Details

3 x One-on-One Coaching Sessions With Me
(Valued at $1003)

6 x AGENTS Method Training Modules
(Valued at $2697)

6 x Group Coaching Calls
(Valued at $2000)

6 x Course Workbooks and Materials
(Valued at $750)

(and Thrive!) In a Market Shift
(Valued at $497)

Build a Brand with Impact (Valued at $497)
+ the recording (in case you can't make it live)

Total value: $7444

Price: $799

When you enrol in Agent Accelerator™…

You’ll receive $7,444 in value for only…


That’s right! And not only that, there’s a payment plan.

And it’s only available right here on this page.

One payment of



Three payments of


Still have questions? Book a Discovery Call with me and get them answered

How it Works

Schedule a Discovery Call with me

These 30-minute calls are easy to book right through my online calendar.

Tell me about you & your business

We’ll discuss where your business is now, where you want to go and if Agent Accelerator™ is right for you.

Run An amazing BUSINESS

Get ready to learn the skills & strategies you need to become a 6-figure+ real estate agent!

One Last Thought…

Christine stands in a blue checked blazer smiling at the camera. She is holding a cup of coffee in her left hand and is holding a notebook against her body in her left arm.

On my real estate team, I’m the Chief of Awesomeness – which means I spend my days making sure all of our clients receive the most incredible real estate experience possible. 

And as a coach, I can tell you, my focus is the same – my goal is always to deliver the highest quality tools, support and strategies that I can.

I’m dedicated to you achieving genuine results, and I work hard to ensure that your experience of New Agent Accelerator™ is an incredibly impactful one.

I’m so excited that you’re finally ready to level up your business and start living a life you deserve. So, let’s make that happen for you!

I can’t wait to see you in the program.


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